Assignment for - 10/28/2021


   ☐ Bible Reference : Proverbs chapter 8:32-9:18.


Wisdom is calling out.  Other voices call out.  Make your choice.  To which voice will you listen?  To whom will you turn?

Your choice will have consequences.  What will your life be like as a result?


Are you taking the Proverbs challenge?  A proverb a day!


   Bonus for students : Grab a notebook to take notes as we engage in the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) process!

    Kay Arthur IBS Study guides —> Proverbs Paperback: Get a copy!



   ☐  Kingdom Man:  Reclaiming Manhood.  Read pages 86-92 (and beyond).  


You have an area of influence.  What is that area?  What would it look like when you rule it as a lion?  Would it be the same as if it were ruled by Christ, the Lion of Judah?



What do you say when you roar?  Write it out and roar it out loud every day. 

Actively work on your mission statement by using the Personal Achievement Blueprint.  (PAB)

   ☐ Order a paper copy of the book “Kingdom Man” by Tony Evans —>  Get a copy!


          Bonus for students : 

    ☐ Kingdom Man - (Workbook) - Bible Study Book —> Get a copy!