Assignment : 03/23/2023


Assignment: Proverbs Chapter 31:20End 

Instructions: Think about which words are repeated and what this does to emphasize the verses. Use a commentary to give you more information as you interpret the wisdom that the scriptures offer. A great one is the Moody Bible Commentary. Seek the Lord as you meditate (think upon deeply, search for meaning & understanding) on this selection for reading throughout the week.

Bonus for students: Grab a notebook to take notes as we engage in the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) process! Kay Arthur IBS Study guides  - Get a Proverbs Paperback

Assignment: Chapter 15( Kingdom Man )  Start at page 196 -197Kingdom man . A Kingdom Man and his community life! Continue to the end of the chapter

 Read and take notes in your paper copy of the book. 
What does it mean to be a kingdom man in marriage?  Ponder what a covenant means.

Talk about it:
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