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The Challenge: Our culture is in deep trouble, and at the heart of its trouble is its loss of a vision for authentic manhood. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for us as males to maintain our masculine balance in this gender-neutral' culture. Nonetheless it is our responsibility as men to supply our present men and the next generation of men with healthy, noble visions of manhood. The

Vision: An army of Mighty Men capable of taking the lead in every area of life!

Mission: MMTI exists as a national training center to provide intense, strategic and systematic training for men in the 21st. century. Our focus is to intentionally teach, train and release men into their God given purposes to have significant impact in every facet of their lives. After the completion of coursework and graduation, men will have had comprehensive training on the many facets of manhood and thus be able to assume their roles as men, husbands, fathers and leaders in a exemplary fashion in their communities while becoming excellent models for other men to follow.


  • Rich Spiritual Lives
  • Disciplined Lifestyles
  • Integrated lives with other Mighty Men

The trumpet has been blown… The world is waiting for Mighty Men, can we count on you?